5 Step Gym Entrance Protocol:

  1. Do not step foot in BSB+ if you have been exposed to anyone with COVID-19 or suspect you may be ill.
  2. Show up at your training time and wait until your coach admits you to the gym to avoid traffic in the crossways of the gym.
  3. Wear mask until in designated training area and take your bags with you to avoid crowding in the waiting area.
  4. Maintain distance from others while training and avoid close talking.
  5. Wear proper training attire to avoid fluid transfer to equipment, coaches and others (i.e. headbands, long sleeves, towels, etc.)

BSB+ has been coincidentally prefitted for social distancing with our limited small group sessions of 4 people max with the option for 1-on-1. Speaking to social distancing, our low traffic and quality training facility has allowed for clients new and tenured, to pursue their fitness goals with much less exposure than high volume facilities. We spot clean every heavy bag and high traffic area minute-to-minute and hour-to-hour to provide a sanitary environment so you can breathe easy while you box off the stress from a long day. Step in our ring and experience the difference!

Tony Adeniran, Owner