6002 Camp Bullis Road, Building 3, San Antonio, TX 78257

Now located off of Interstate 10/Camp Bullis Road, BSB+ is strategically positioned near Camp Bullis, the Dominion community, The RIM shopping center, La Cantera Shopping Mall, Eilan, TMI private school, and the Pineapple School. So whether you’re shopping nearby, simply dropping the kids at school or commuting from downtown or the hill country, BSB+ is conveniently located to fit into your fit lifestyle.

Our standalone building boasts more than 25 parking spaces to ensure a seamless experience from start to finish. Not to mention, 2 clean showers onsite to make your commute a breeze.

Call (210) 777-PLUS to reserve your membership now!

New San Antonio Boxing Gym

Black Stallion Boxing Plus is excited to announce that we have expanded our services to provide you with more convenient and price friendly training options!



  • Intimate Group Boxing Classes: Capped at 12.
  • Open Gym: Daily access to accommodate your busy schedule.
  • Kids Classes: 5 yrs and up. iPads down, and gloves up!

Memberships start at $99 a month!
More details below…

Say Goodbye to Over-crowded Volume Based Group Boxing Classes! We Know Your Name and We Know Your Goals

BSB+ Small Group Classes

  • Capped at 12 Members Per Class
  • Unparalled Group Class Coach to Client Ratio (1-2 Coaches Per 12 Members)
  • Prebooked Reserved Appointments
  • More Personalized Instruction, Modifications and Creative Programming
  • Reserved Personal Workout Station is Clean & Sanitized Every Time
  • Beginner Friendly; Learn Basic Technique Without Being Rushed
  • Progressively Programmed Around the Collective Goals of Members
  • Clear Expectations of Targeted Muscle Groups & Technique Every Class


  • No Cap, Based on Quantity of Members, Not Quality
  • Ratio Can Deficit as Deep as 1 Coach Per 30 Members or Worse
  • No Guaranteed Bookings
  • No Personal Attention or Modifications Due to Mass Groups
  • No Reserved Personal Space or Social Distancing
  • Intimidating Fast-paced Environment
  • Blanket Programming. Many Times, No Program Exists at All
  • No Expectations of Specific Class Type

Personalized Training

BSB+ is a state-of-the-art boxing gym, built with your fitness needs in mind. In our private to small group training sessions, your personal goals become our daily mission. Unlike the ‘one-size fits-all’ traditional gyms, BSB+ builds custom training plans specifically designed to address any areas you want to improve on.

Our trainers constantly evolve the plans as you improve, so your results never plateau. BSB+ strives to create a fun and safe workout environment, from playing the music of your preference, to developing the most effective modifications for any injuries you may have, we are constantly making adjustments to maximize your progress

Take advantage of our simple online scheduling, with plenty of booking options to accommodate your busy schedule. Leave behind your over-crowded gym classes, and experience the benefits of top-tier training in a private or small group environment.

  • Improved attendance
  • Greater individual results
  • Less intimidation, increased personal support
  • Increased morale as smaller groups share similar goals
    and achieve them together
  • Increased accountability
  • More affordable than traditional personal training
  • Achieve personal attention and training by capping groups to a max of four

Maximize Your Time, Optimize Your Effort

At BSB+ you won’t find typical cardio boxing sessions that fail to emphasize form and technique. Our coaches teach you how to box correctly.

All workouts are developed entirely around you—tested and proven by undefeated Professional boxer and Owner of BSB+, Tony “The Black Stallion” Adeniran.

Tony’s unique style of training combines techniques he has learned over the years as a professional fighter, along with personalized workouts created to tailor-fit your fitness needs.

BSB+ training results in burning more calories per workout (800-1200 each session), learning to defend yourself, and developing a healthy habit. In the private to small sessions, you receive undivided attention from our team of coaches with ring experience so that you can get the most out of your time with us.

Open Gym Access

Visit our gym anytime during operation hours and use available gym equipment in floor area from heavy bags, double end bags, to speedbags. Plus, cardio and strength equipment like treadmills, assault bikes, cable machines, racks, bars, benches and free weights.

Also complimentary access to TKO (“Today’s Knock Out!”) to guide you through a simple workout program. Its similar to a WOD (Workout of the day) but specifically tailored for BSB+ training. You can access this on the Black Stallion Boxing Plus App or in person.

  • Heavy Bags
  • Double-End Bags
  • Speed Bags
  • Treadmills
  • Assault Bikes
  • Cable Machines
  • Weight Racks and bars
  • Benches
  • Free Weights

Boxing Plus

BSB+ provides more than boxing. Saving you the time and expense of having multiple gym memberships, BSB+ pairs boxing, (the #1 hardest sport rated by ESPN) and many other effective fitness activities like weight training and cycling, into one high-intensity workout.

Hedge against physical and mental plateaus associated with the monotonous workouts you’ll find at most gyms. We provide a wide variety of fitness training based on boxing that our trainers have actually experienced for themselves.

From children to seniors and everyone in between, BSBplus has taken the rawness of boxing and tailored it to improve health, cognitive skills, and even bully-proofing for kids

  • Body Weight Exercises
  • Weights
  • Resistance Bands
  • TRX
  • Boxing Tech/Self Defense
  • Slam Balls
  • Medicine Balls
  • High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.T.T.)
  • Plyometrics
  • Kettle Balls
  • Cycling
  • Running
  • Olympic Rings
  • Pilates
  • Battle Ropes

…and custom routines with custom tools per your unique training goals

BSB+ Kids Classes

Our Kid’s Classes Are Rooted in the Fundamentals of Old School Boxing With the Goal of Shaping Healthy, Discilpined and Confident Young Individuals Who Yield the Power of Self-defense Yet Understand the Responsibility Associated When Honing Combat Skills.

• Social Activity Outside of Technology
• Physical and Mental Fitness
• Self Defense/bully Proofing
• Enaging and Fun Stress Outlet
• Sense of Belonging
• Cross Training (Relexes, Balance, Footwork Etc)
• Beneficial Life Skills/lessons